A 30 hour Hackathon organized by Ecell-VCET and CSI-VCET

13th October 2017

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About VCET Hackathon

VCET Hackathon is a 30 hour Hackathon organized jointly by ECell-VCET and CSI-VCET. By organizing this Hackathon, we are trying to promote a strong Programming and Product Building Culture among students that will help them develop Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Software Development Skills.

It is an experience to take to take on challenging problems we are surrounded by all the time and crack them down.

Will you get time to eat? Can you ditch your sleep? Do you have passion to build?

Find out in this 30 hour long thrilling experience!

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The VCET Hackathon will take place on 13th October 2017

A team can consist of 1 to 4 members. Every member of the team must be a student of an university or a college. A team can have members from different colleges.

Entry fees are ₹500 per member. Payments will be taken after shortlisting of the abstracts.

Participants are free to use open standard repositories, APIs and publically available libraries.

Participants will have to bring their laptops. Participants will not be allowed to take their machines out of the campus during Hackathon.

Participants are allowed to go home only after 30 hour of coding session followed by pitching session. We will provide resting area (separate for male and female participants).

Progress of the projects will be tracked during Hackathon. Use of readymade code or precompiled code will lead to disqualification.

No storage devices such as Pen Drives, Hard Drives etc. are allowed.

Participants are expected to behave professionally and responsibly.

Decisions made by organizers and judges are final.



Select a domain from given list.

Submit your PDF abstract at hackathon@vcet.edu.in with 'Hackathon 2017' as subject.
Create your abstract in this format.

Last date for submission of abstract is 4th October 2017

Selected team members will be notified about their selection by email which will contain further information.

Further details will be provided in email after selection.

Payment for the selected teams i.e. ₹500 per member should be done by 8th October 2017. Payment for all team members should be done by a single transaction.

Following are the methods of payment


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